Meet Mikey

Mikey Lau

Sep 21 — Jun 22

MSc Applied AI and Data Science


Sep 18 — Jun 21

BSc (Hons) Fitness and Personal Training

1st class

Who doesn't love minimalism? The internet can be cluttered with information. I'm a full-stack developer with a passion for websites, applications, and data. My philosophy is to focus on speed, functionality, and simplicity — creating value through one line of code at a time.












Train In Blocks

Using my background in the health and fitness industry, I've built a web application with my business partner to help personal trainers manage their clientele and programmes.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js, PHP, Cypress, Jest

Basic Economy

I've converted one of my old Python projects into a simpler web version using Javascript and SVGs. This is a basic simulation of an economy where locations will dispatch transporters to trade between them based on global scarcity and local prices.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Python


The focus of this project was to use PHP and Laravel with tools like Docker, and S3. Currently, the project has basic functions like creating, editing, and deleting listings — as well as authentication. Future plans includes more styling and functions whilst keeping it simple.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, Docker, S3

Environment First

I've decided to build a website that focuses on bringing attention to recent environmental disasters. Currently, it features a blog of some recent events. I intend to add a community feature which will allow users to create their own accounts so that they can share their comments in each post.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Next.js

Space Satellites

After discovering a cool dataset of satellites launched globally, I've decided to create a quick visualisation of each orbit adjusted with its degree of inclination from the near-equatorial orbit.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js

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